Employee Engagement: 4 Right Ways To Do it

The importance of employee engagement has never been stressed today as it was yesterday. Back then, all employers have to do is to ensure that the operation is running smoothly. But through the years, the needs of staff changes which lead to the shift of employee’s attitude.

Today, employee strive for more than just attractive salary, they want to feel that the company they are working for values them. It is considered as one of the determining factors to make an employee stay in the company.

If you find your business suffering from employee drain, here are some employee engagement tips that might help the current ones stay:

  1. Provide a sustainable career ladder


All of us dream of being promoted. When an employer keep their employee in the same post for years, it doesn’t speak well of their ability to take good care of their employees. So to make your employees stays, be sure to provide them with a realistic and sustainable career ladder that would provide improvement in terms of position and compensation. Knowing that they have something to look forward to will help employees to stay and work enthusiastically.


  1. Customize your incentives


Most companies provide a ready-made incentives to their employees. This is predictable and in a way unfair. You need to keep in mind that each employee exert different levels of effort so providing the same amount or kind of incentive for everybody would make somebody feel degraded. Be sure to customize your incentives based on the level of the task difficulty and the amount of effort exerted.


  1. Interact with your staff


When the staff don’t see their bosses, this gives them a feeling that there is a sheet of glass between the two parties. Try to break that glass by allotting time to interact with your employees. Through this, your staff can see that you are trying to level yourself with them instead of trying to make them feel that you are above them.


  1. Provide a venue for speaking up


Most of the time, employees leave the company because their concerns are not being heard. Try to provide different channels for your employees to speak up. One way is through a suggestion box. You can also provide an email address that they can contact when they want to send their concerns, complaints, and suggestions. And put a designated personnel to reply to these messages.