The best link building strategies that you should know about

Link building has a lot of similarity with the risk : reward proposition. While it is based on the same policy, the fact of the matter is that a number of changes have taken place in the last couple of years in the level of risk associated outside the Google Webmaster Guidelines. The one thing that you must know is that with the passage of time, Google has improved their algorithm along with strengthening their spam control. This has created a lot of difficulties for websites in terms of influencing search rankings that were previously achieved with the help of spam based backlinks. While the changes are truly worthy, the fact is that they have created a lot of problems for website owners.

How do the rewards weigh against the risks?

The higher the risk, the higher the reward

This system is basically focused upon the initiation of a paid link building campaign that is part of all SEO packages. The entire concept of using paid links was at its peak back in the days, but later on, Google came up with a zero tolerance policy. Google had managed to equip its system rather efficiently and that is one of the reasons that made Google vocal as well as pro-active in fighting the paid links. It was at this time that even top notch names like Dun & Bradstreet, Forbes, Overstock and JCPenney had to go through the penalty put in by Google in terms of compensating for purchased links and acquiring bad publicity.

There is another link building system in which the risks are higher, and the rewards are lower too. This link building system includes automated programs as well as link networks. Internet users that visit the linked website, even after receiving unnatural link warnings, were found engaged in both or one of the practices. If truth be told, there are no valid reasons as such for website owners to take up this approach.

Another approach taken by companies like UnitedSEO.AE is that in which lower risks are involved, but deliver high rewards. All the methods involving this approach are standard for lucrative link building. Acquiring links requiring editorial reviews and manual action means offer value propositions. This is what makes link earning the future of high reward link building.

When preparing for link building, it is extremely important for you to take steps and ensure that the strategies you follow are in compliance with Google’s policies.