Adventurous activities in Dubai

Every year, millions of people from around the world visit Dubai for various purposes. For some, it is the hottest shopping destination in the region, while others love spending their holidays on its sunny beaches. From skyscrapers to historical places, magnificent desert, treats and festivities, you will find it all in one place as soon as you land in Dubai. With all of these tempting attractions, Dubai is rapidly gaining popularity among the adventure travelers as well. Now a days, you will find many visitors who fly to Dubai to have an adventurous holiday. If you are one of them, following are a few activities that you must try during your stay in Dubai:

Feel the thrill of dune surfing

For those who don’t know and relate Dubai with world’s tallest building and it’s state of the art infrastructure and modernization, the fact is that a major portion of its land area is part of the magnificent Arabian Desert. While you are in Dubai, do not miss out the desert safari to experience thrill packed dune surfing in a 4×4 or a dirt bike to feel goose bumps all over your body. Do not forget to enjoy traditional Arabic food and belly dancing performances once you are done with your desert exploration.

Setup a camp

You can make your desert safari experience even more fun by continuing it with desert camping with your friends. You will surely remember this quality time for years as a happy memory.

Jump into the jewel of Arabia

Dubai will amaze you throughout your stay. Its magnificent high rise structures will take you to another world. Imagine skydiving along this beautiful skyline of Dubai. You ca actually experience it from a new dimension with the thrill of a free fall that will stay your top story line till your next quest.

Speed up at Sports City

If you are crazy about speed racing, then the Dubai autodrome will provide you with the ultimate adrenaline rush by offering you few of the top super cars to quench your thirst for speed. Adjacent to it is the bike racing track that is built for those who truly know how to tame the power of a two wheeler.

For those who never get bored of trying new and adventurous activities, you can enjoy the fun of water sports offered by private companies at Dubai beaches. You can also indulge in mountains with mountain biking and mountain climbing at the eastern mountain range in Dubai to explore its flora and fauna.