4 Must-Watch Decluttering Shows For Space Owners

For some people, decluttering their space may seem like an easy task. Tossing the old and replacing it with a new one might work, but there are individuals who are looking for more inspiration and not just renting a storage in Dubai and disposing of their old belongings and stuff.

If you are having a hard time planning your home decluttering project, here are some TV shows and series that might inspire you to start reorganizing your home and workspace.

  1. Tidying up with Marie Kondo

This is definitely one of the most popular series that Netflix is promoting as of the moment. Japanese decluttering guru Marie Kondo is sharing her ultimate knowledge and skills to make every space better, cleaner, and more organized. Her method has been used by a number of viewers and proven to be an effective one. More than just throwing away unused stuff, Kondo emphasises on the importance of reorganizing and what you need to do to make your space perpetually in order.

  1. Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things

Although this film is not directly about decluttering, it touches on the importance of living a minimalist life, especially on spaces. Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus set on a journey to find and talk to people who are living the minimalist lifestyle and how this method was able to help them live a more fulfilling life. This film/documentary is available for viewing on Netflix.

  1. Extreme Clutter

Hoarding is one of the biggest problems of this generation, with people trying to collect and hold on to things that are useless. Extreme Clutter shows the daily life and struggles of these hoarders. But apart from featuring their lifestyle, the show producers aim to provide assistance to their case studies and help them part with their useless stuff, start organizing their homes, and live a better and more fulfilling life. Hosted by organization expert Peter Walsch, Extreme Clutter is available in OWN.

  1. SimpLESSity

This mini-show is available in YouTube.  Hosted by Alejandra Castelo, SimpLESSity tackles how to set up organizing systems so people can get organise and help them feel that they are in control with their lives.  Castelo shares her personal experiences and how trimming down help her to be on top of things, including their living spaces.

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