Replacing the brake pad – know how it will be done

First of all, you must keep in mind that regardless of how skilled or experienced a driver you may be, you cannot replace the brake pads of your vehicle. In fact, brake pad replacement in Dubai is something that will only be done by expert mechanics. The simplest reason for that is that the pads are not mounted externally like a bicycle. Instead, the pads are installed inside a proper assembly and are aligned with the rims of the wheels. As soon as you push the brake pedal, the brakes are applied and the rim begins to slow down. Naturally, this causes friction and pressing the brakes harder means that more friction will occur. Some modern brakes have better technologies to stop the car, but even those use brake bads. Disc brakes use a typical caliper that squeezes the brake pads against the disc that is spinning fast. This allows the car to stop faster. Compared to this, the vintage style drum brakes take longer to stop simply because they use brake shoes instead of pads, taking longer to stop the wheel. It is possible that your car may be using both types of brakes as has been the case with many modern cars around the world. Here is more on how the pads can be replaced:

Get to the mechanic

The first thing to know is that you must not try to do it by yourself unless you are a qualified mechanic. The assembly of the brake along with the caliper position is something you cannot do on your own. In fact, many car owners have difficulty in changing the punctured tires using a jack stand. If you have had problems doing that, then you must not think about changing the brake pads. Hire a mechanic and ask him to do the favor, but make sure that the mechanic is an experienced one.

Replacing the pads

Despite being experienced, the mechanic will still check the wheel and brake assembly. This is normal and the procedure is done to make sure that everything is in proper order. The mechanic will then move to the brake pads, but you should only buy the pads recommended by the mechanic. Chances are that you might need to purchase the same pads as before. Go for it and hand them to the mechanic. The procedure of changing brake pads will begin, and the mechanic will do that within an hour.

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