Role of a pillow in having a sound sleep

Getting a right pillow plays essential part in achieving sound sleep. A perfect pillow ill support your neck or head while sleeping without applying pressure. It will mold itself according to shape of your head that will provide uniformity to whole back. You can go to any shop to buy pillows in Dubai, the only thing you need to keep in mind is that you have a complete check before purchasing.

How can wrong pillow affect your health? Unfortunately many people do not care about getting right pillow for their body. They do not pay attention to the pains in start and afterwards it cause them severe back pain or spinal issues. This is how bad pillows become constant reason of frustration to many people. In addition to neck pain they can affect shoulders. It is medically proved that if shoulders are placed at 90degree of mattress it can cause muscle pain. So, the pillow level should be a little higher to prevent this muscle disorder.

Don’t buy a pillow which does not meet the following criteria:

1: First off al keep in mind one basic rule, based on measurements a good pillow must maintain 4-6 inches height to properly support neck & head while lying.

2: A pillow must be comfortable according to personal preference of user. A comfortable pillow will help you in relaxing or sleeping well at night. You will wake up feeling rested in morning.

3: you must get pillow case according to your preference as in cotton cloth will be soft & fresh while if you need warmth then you can use flannel cloth as pillow cover.

4: Pillow should be adjustable or foldable if needed. It will automatically adjust with your sleeping position to provide you comfort. But ask the sales person if pillow can resist folding. Some low quality pillows get torn inside on molding.

5: In the market you can find various types of pillows, each of them serve different purpose. You can find a range of quality pillows at any good store. The types include:

  • Standard pillow
  • Reading pillow
  • Neckroll pillow
  • King pillow
  • Bolster pillow
  • Body pillows

In a city like Dubai can easily find the above mentioned pillows in different price range. Just keep in mind that you should not compromise quality over price. This is because a low quality cheap pillow can cost you your health. Also foam made bed headboards in Dubai are also in demand as they give extra comfort to back while sitting on bed.